New to Group Riding

What is a pre ride approval?
Your safety while on a CMC ride is of paramount importance to us and this process is designed to maximize the ongoing safety of all riders in the group.

Any rider, regardless of experience level who has chosen to join us on a CMC group ride for the first time, must be pre ride approved. This is by no means a reflection of your riding skills nor is it elitist on our behalf and it is not something you should get stressed about.

The pre ride approval process is designed to ensure you are fully aware of all of our CMC hand signals, and operational protocols while on a ride. We want you to return home to your loved ones with a smile on your face after enjoying a pleasant and safe day riding with your CMC pals.

What do I need to know?
First and foremost, you should reference the CMC Ottawa web page pertaining to GROUP RIDES. Of prime importance is a thorough knowledge of the CMC hand signals we use on our rides. Please…take the time to study them….they are not difficult and are designed for your safety and the safety of your fellow riders. These signals are used by ALL CMC Chapters across Canada.

How do I get group ride approved?

There are several ways to do this;

1. When a CMC Road Captain posts a ride, he/she will list the details of the ride in the CMC Ottawa Forum and indicate that anyone new to group riding with CMC should arrive at a specified time prior to the ride departure (usually an hour before the ride starts) in order to undergo the group ride approval process.

This process does not take much of your time and hand signals and expectations will be covered with you in the parking lot and then you will go on a short ride with a couple of qualified Road Captains who will demonstrate the signals we use while on the road. You shall be expected to have a knowledge of the signals by reading the links above when you arrive.

Please…..if the Road Captain posting the ride asks that you be there an hour before the ride for group ride approval, be there on time.…otherwise with the ride logistics going on we may not have the opportunity to conduct the ride approval process with you and you may miss out on a great ride.

Additionally…if you bring a friend on a CMC ride, regardless of their experience, they MUST be ride approved prior to riding with the group. Therefore, advise your friend of the reasoning behind this and ensure they arrive at a time designated by the RC leading the ride in order to do a ride check. Help us help all riders by doing your part.

2. We will also be implementing a pre ride approval process during riding season, at our Monday meet and greets at Broadways Restaurant, corner of Prince of Wales and Fisher. If anyone wishes to have an approval conducted, please speak toany Senior Road Captain or Officer upon your arrival…. they can be identified by a Senior Road Captain or Officer patch on their vest.

3. If neither of the above work for you, post to the CMC Ottawa Forum and we will do our best to meet you at your convenience somewhere, discuss our group riding protocols, and conduct your ride approval. Remember…we are here to help you!

Not quite comfortable yet riding in a group?

Group riding is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and you will traverse many new roads and make numerous new friends.

So…let’s say you have completed your ride approval process and want to join us on a CMC group ride but still feel a little uncomfortable riding in a group. Believe us…we understand as we have all experienced this in the past when we took our first group ride.

So…how can we help you further?

All you have to do is contact any Road Captain or post something in the CMC Ottawa Forum, and a couple of our Road Captains will arrange to meet you somewhere in order that we can conduct a “mini group ride”. With a limited amount of riders (3-4) this allows you to build up your experience level to enhance your comfort on a larger group ride. On group rides it is normally our practise to break into smaller groups of 7-8 riders, each with a Road Captain and a Tail Gunner.  We do this for safety.