Our Facebook Page

Just wanted to put a post up here to talk about the different ways to stay in touch with CMC Ottawa.  First of course is through the page you’re on right now.  The second and hopefully one of the main ways to contact all of CMC is through the CMC National site, which is cmcnational.ca

Hopefully everyone is aware of the above sites.  But did you know we have a Facebook page as well!  This is a ‘closed’ page but we are more then happy to welcome you there if you are looking at joining or are currently part of CMC Ottawa.  All you need to do once on Facebook is to search for “Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers – Ottawa Chapter # 011” and you should be taken right there.

Many of our rides are posted there so please be sure to check it out.  Hope to see you all at our Meet and Greets or on an upcoming ride.

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